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The Mencap Gateway Award is a activity based award, developed with people of any age or ability in mind. The award is all about allowing people to experience new things, gain confidence, meet new people, have fun and be healthy.

The awards are broken down into three levels; bronze, silver and gold. For each level of the award, participants must complete one activity for the five sub categories. The five sub categories are; 


         These include arts and crafts, collections and recreations. The gold award                              requires participants to carry out a project on one of the hobbies.


          Participants choose new fitness activities from a list to take part in. The number of                 activities changes depending on the level of the award which the participant is taking.


          Participants can choose a volunteering activity to benefit their community. The gold               award requires participants to choose a volunteering activity within a voluntary                       organisation.


          There are a number of lifestyle topics to learn about including healthy eating, first aid,           money, independence and health. The number of topics required increases for silver             and gold awards.

Gateway Challenge,

          Participants identify a challenge and undertake an activity or project to address it.                 This can be a personal, group or adventurer challenge. Depending on the level of the           award it can link to another group or organisation.

The activities are chosen by the participant and are based upon there individual needs, ability and interests and can be completed in any order or simultaneously. As the levels progress the participant needs to spend more time or increase their commitment to the activities in each section.

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